TRUNO, Lubbock, Texas, announced a partnership with MY CLOUD GROCER, Brooklyn, N.Y. This partnership leverages TRUNO’s TruCommerce platform to provide brick-and-mortar grocers the opportunity to compete in the online grocery space.

TruCommerce is a cloud-based bridge connecting MY CLOUD GROCER to point-of-sale (POS) software and back office solutions. The result is a connection of all endpoints, ensuring loyalty information, data master files, item files, discounts and promotions flow to every part of a retailers’ business. 

“The greatest pain point for retailers in adopting e-commerce today is the cost that comes with integrating new and existing systems in order to realize a flow of data,” says Anthony Presley, chief products officer, TRUNO. “Together, TRUNO and MY CLOUD GROCER have eliminated this obstacle, making the industry’s best-in-class e-commerce solution more accessible to independent retailers in this competitive landscape.”

“Integration with TruCommerce enables MY CLOUD GROCER to offer a robust omnichannel digital grocery experience without the need of complex integrations with each individual POS system, and therefore significantly decreasing the time it takes to set up an online shop,” says Dan Dashevsky, chief operating officer of MY CLOUD GROCER. “TRUNO’s incredible team brings to the table years of experience in retail technology solutions. Our partnership will help both prominent grocery chains and single stores grow their sales, increase lifetime customer value and decrease overhead costs.”