Mann Packing Co., Inc., Salinas, Calif., debuted new CAULILINI baby cauliflower in a 10-ounce retail pack.

CAULILNI baby cauliflower was an immediate hit with our foodservice customers when we introduced it last year due to its unique look, flavor and versatility,” says Rick Russo, vice president. “Consumers have been hounding us on social media asking when they can find it in their grocery store, which is exactly the demand we were hoping to create by giving it to chefs first.”

CAULILINI baby cauliflower is an Asian-style variety that features green stems and blonde, open florets, adding taste and texture to side dishes, crudité platters and entrée builds. The product is entirely edible – from flower to stem – and boasts a sweet, tender stalk that turns bright green when cooked. It comes washed and ready to eat, with year-round availability.

CAULILINI baby cauliflower is available in a 6- and 10-ounce pack with North American distribution.