D'Arrigo California, a 100-year-old farming company known for excellence in innovation, sustainability, and superior vegetable and leafy green growing practices, proudly introduces a new culinary masterpiece – baby gem lettuce, a premium offering under the esteemed Andy Boy label. 

Positioned as an unwavering cornerstone of the supply chain, D’Arrigo California's dedication to delivering consistent quality and timely shipments guarantees businesses a steadfast source of premium, high-quality baby gem lettuce. “This new addition to our product lineup reinforces our dedication to providing innovative, high-quality products. The baby gem line has been developed to be a solution for both our retail and foodservice sectors,” said John D'Arrigo, President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board. 

Renowned for its unparalleled quality, positive safety track record, and decades of devotion to good manufacturing practices (GMP), D'Arrigo California continues to set the standard for excellence in fresh produce. This commitment to excellence ensures that customers can trust in the consistency and quality of the Andy Boy Baby Gem Lettuce program, further establishing D'Arrigo California as a leading grower of fresh produce.

In an era where supply chain reliability is paramount, Andy Boy Baby Gem Lettuce emerges as a resilient and indispensable component.

Understanding the unique demands of both retail and foodservice industries, D'Arrigo California has meticulously positioned baby gem lettuce to cater to diverse culinary needs. Its year-round availability guarantees that businesses can confidently plan menus and meet consumer demands without interruption. 

Through seed development, this item seamlessly blends the ideal attributes of both romaine and butter lettuces, presenting the perfect combination of a dense and crunchy texture with a sweet and buttery taste. Today, baby gem has earned its place in a distinct product category, making it a compliment to romaine and butter, rather than a replacement. Distinguished by its compact size and sweet taste, baby gem lettuce is a versatile ingredient suitable for a variety of culinary creations. D'Arrigo California has conducted extensive research and gathered feedback from culinary experts and home chefs, highlighting the remarkable versatility of baby gems. Make them into a wedge, grill them to perfection, or finely chop them up into a salad or slaw. The leaves are perfectly sized, ideal for topping burgers and sandwiches or creating lettuce boats. The possibilities are truly endless! 

Andy Boy Baby Gem Lettuce is now shipping nationwide and beyond in versatile 2-count, 3-count, and 42-count liner pack sizes. 


About D'Arrigo California
D'Arrigo California is a family-owned agricultural company with a 100-year legacy of excellence. Known for innovation, sustainability, and quality, D'Arrigo California remains a leader in the produce industry. Under the iconic Andy Boy label, the company produces over a dozen varieties of fresh vegetables (conventional and organic) from classics like broccoli rabe, romaine hearts, cauliflower, and fennel on over 40,000 crop acres across California, Arizona, and Mexico.