Expanding what is already one of the most diverse greenhouse baby leaf and head lettuce portfolios on the market, Revol Greens is adding a large-scale chopped romaine program with three new retail varieties available at select retailers throughout the Midwest: Premium Romaine Salad, Leafy Romaine Chop, and Vibrant Romaine Blend (SRP $2.99-$3.99 for 7.5-ounce packages). There also will be channel-specific packaging available for foodservice, serviced out of the Minnesota greenhouse.  

“Frequent industry recalls of field-grown lettuce have driven consumer demand for a safer alternative. We began the extensive research and development process into perfecting our greenhouse-grown chopped romaine over three years ago so that we could provide this reliable romaine product for consumers and retailers,” says Brendon Krieg co-founder of Revol Greens. “We conducted hundreds of varietal trials and process configurations to find the right balance of color, texture, and shelf life. Our investment has paid off, as we’ve received outstanding feedback from consumers and chefs on the quality.” 

Revol Green’s non-GMO romaine is chopped, washed, and blended with other fresh ingredients, including carrots and radicchio. Beyond its crunchy-fresh taste, another measure of quality is an abundance of nutrient-rich leaves, which are free of the yellow-white core commonly found in field-grown environments and can be susceptible to an appearance of “rusting.”

The three new SKU’s join Revol Greens’ existing romaine offerings, including Romaine Crunch (baby leaf romaine), Romaine Twins (two baby head lettuces) and other baby leaf blends.

●      Premium Romaine Salad: Chopped romaine and green leaf with carrots & radicchio

●      Leafy Romaine Chop: Chopped romaine with green leaf lettuce

●      Vibrant Romaine Blend: Chopped romaine with red and green leaf and butter lettuce

The chopped romaine line will be grown and distributed out of Revol’s headquarters in Owatonna, Minnesota, and in its new Tehachapi, California location beginning in June.

Romaine Lettuce a Focus of U.S. Food Safety

“The impact of multiple recalls in recent years has hurt consumer confidence in salads and leafy greens while also leaving retailers scrambling for alternatives to place on shelves,” adds Krieg. “Our greenhouse-grown chopped romaine thrives in a controlled environment that is free of the most common sources of foodborne illness – and it’s all grown naturally through sustainable practices.”

Revol Greens’ indoor farms are protected from outside contaminants. All water used is UV sterilized and its nutrient source is free of any animal byproducts. Committed to growing all of its greens in a sustainable, food-safe manner, Revol never uses pesticides or fungicides in its Grown Clean and Green™ process.

As one of the largest sub-categories within the salad and lettuce category, romaine has been negatively impacted by multiple E. coli outbreaks linked to irrigation water tainted by nearby livestock farms. In 2018 and 2019, E. coli contaminated field-grown romaine, which spread across the country and sickened many across dozens of states. Further, the FDA recently announced two additional investigations of E. coli outbreaks. In 2019, greenhouse romaine was quickly cleared by the FDA for any risk of E. coli.

More Innovation and National Expansion for Revol Greens

This product addition shortly follows Revol’s $68 million funding round led by Equilibrium Capital. With a strategy of five locations in five years, the company will pursue its first California harvest by summer 2021 and Texas by early 2022. Earlier this month, Revol Greens introduced an industry-first Plant Fed organic nutrient source alongside its USDA Certified Organic lettuce varieties, which brings consumers and foodservice professionals the first organic lettuce that is free of any animal byproducts during the growing process.

About Revol Greens

Revol Greens is the largest greenhouse lettuce grower in North America and benefit corporation with facilities in Minnesota, California and Texas. The company harvests and delivers its packaged lettuce products to many regions around the country within one day, resulting in the freshest taste and peak nutrition with a shelf life up to four-to-six days longer than other greens. Revol Greens adopts the most advanced greenhouse technology and growing methods in the industry, including facilities that use 90 percent less water than traditional field-grown greens, irrigation from UV-sterilized rainwater and snowmelt, and sustainable sunlight. Grown Clean and Green in an animal and pest-free environment, no pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals are used in the process. Revol Greens will grow 10 million pounds of non-GMO lettuce in 2021.