Congratulations to the five refrigerated and/or frozen food companies that topped our eighth annual, 2020 Best New Retail Products Contest. We had one of our highest vote totals ever for the competition (61,243), and an exciting flurry of activity the final three days which re-configured the order of winners. Some highlights include:

  • Devanco Foods' No MSG Gyros Kits finished in the top slot based on votes (25,573) and it was also one of the highest vote totals we've had for a single product in the history of our eight-year contest. 
  •  Bell & Evans' Chicken Meatballs made up a 7,549-vote deficit in just three days (!) to move from #3 to #2 on our list, ending with 12,941 votes.
  •  Fresh Cravings' Plant-Based Dips finished third with 12,853 votes. 
  • Mikey's Cauliflower & Broccoli Pockets finished fourth with 3,154 votes.
  • Wellshire Farms' Sugar-Free, Dry-Rubbed, Uncured Bacon Ends & Pieces finished fifth with 2,539 votes. 

Also interesting to note that despite the growing popularity of plant-based foods, three of the top-five winners are traditional meat products. Thanks to all the companies that submitted their entries for the contest (there were 26 finalists in all) and we look forward to an even bigger turnout next year for our ninth annual contest. Eligible products need to be on store shelves between March 2020 to February 2021.