Hänel Storage Systems, Pittsburgh, Pa., collaborated with information technology specialists at MAN to link two Hänel Lean-Lift systems to SAP and enable storage system operation via smartglasses.

In this solution, the smartglasses function as an augmented reality (AR) device that communicates with SAP via an app implemented by MAN. SAP sends transport commands via SOAP protocol directly to the Hänel lift controller. This intralogistics solution also features a glove with an integrated scanner worn by employees, which offers hands-free order picking.

The MAN project is said to be the first solution of its kind worldwide, enabling the operation of a vertical storage system with an optical AR device.

Hänel also offers “To go,” what is said to be the world’s first AR solution that combines hardware and software to enable system operators to autonomously perform and document logistics processes using an optical AR device with voice control. The process does not require a manual scanner or data input via keyboards.

When using Hänel controllers equipped with an integrated SOAP interface, system operators can perform all warehouse and storage transactions via AR in combination with voice control – the process even includes automatic booking in the enterprise resource planning system.

Voice control is available in many languages. The AR device displays all order picking information within the operator’s direct field of vision. Error-free retrieval is ensured by Hänel Pick-o-Light, which uses a beam of light to identify items for picking.

Hänel Storage Systems