Grillo's Pickles, Boston, Mass., launched convenient fresh packs in 12- and 16-ounce stackable containers for its line of refrigerated pickles.

"Our new fresh packs prove that Grillo's is continuing to push the pickle industry and evolve within the space. We view ourselves as trendsetters, and we're dedicated to offering an item with our unmatched flavor, crunchy texture and convenient size, all for the right price," says Travis Grillo, founder and CEO. "Our fresh packs come in a new innovative container that allows the pickles to remain fully submerged in brine, unlike your typical round jar. We're excited to unveil a product at a lower price point that competes directly with major competitors in the market for both shelf-stable and refrigerated pickles. This is an opportunity to show consumers what a real pickle tastes like. We're proud that consumers no longer have to sacrifice quality for affordability."

The fresh packs are about 2.5 inches high, allowing consumers to keep them in a refrigerator door, a produce drawer.

They boast an easy-open tab that sits at the front corner. The lid is also made of a softer plastic, making it easier to close.

And, the laydown shape of the containers means the pickles are always fully submerged in brine.