Gelato Fiasco, Brunswick, Maine, launched what is said to be most significant product change in the history of the company.

That’s because Gelato Fiasco introduced new paper packaged pints, a sustainable upgrade from the
previously packaged plastic container. The change should save nearly 3 million plastic jars over the next year.
“I had been trying to reduce plastic usage in my own life,” says Joshua Davis, co-founder and CEO. “While personal practice is a great start, it became increasingly uncomfortable and untenable to ignore an obvious contradiction—if I am trying to reduce my plastic consumption as a single consumer, why not get real and cut out literally millions of plastic pint containers that I have some control over?”
The paper pints are made with Sustainable Forestry Initiative-certified paperboard.
Gelato Fiasco collaborated with Might & Main, Portland, Maine, to create sophisticated, modern and effervescent imagery that displays a distinct rooting in Gelato Fiasco’s Maine heritage.
The rich and vibrant waves of color on each package are specific to each flavor, and the back of the container shares a short quip about the flavor and highlights Gelato Fiasco’s scoop shop origin story, underscoring that the brand is still led by its founders.
“Our brand has a deep heritage – Bruno and I started Gelato Fiasco as a gelato shop in Brunswick after we graduated from college, and today, you can find Gelato Fiasco pints in more than 5,000 grocery freezers across the country, competing against massive brands from some of the world’s largest multinationals,” says Davis. “We remain founder-led, quality-focused and really independent, and we’ve tried to convey that through every choice we made with our new brand design.”
“At the end of the day, we think that customers buy Gelato Fiasco for our interesting flavors, most of which contain loads of unique combinations of chunks and swirls and all of which are made with our high-quality bases,” says Davis. “Those flavor names are presented loud and clear on our beautiful new package, and we think fans will be able to easily spot and recognize them when they are scanning the freezer for Gelato Fiasco.”