The Rite-Hite CoolMan 2800 Trailer Fan with Rite-Lite LED dock light by Rite-Hite, Milwaukee, offers even more cooling power and energy efficiency than its predecessors, and frees up space where previously a separate fan and dock light would have been mounted.

The CoolMan 2800 features a half-horsepower, 3-speed 115 volt/60Hz motor, enclosed in a safety yellow polypropylene co-polymer housing with UV inhibitors, which helps protect the fan from unexpected impact at loading docks.

The CoolMan 2800 Trailer Fan boasts a single adjustable telescoping arm, allowing it to service two side-by-side loading dock bays or be moved completely away for unloading and loading at the dock door. In addition, the support arm can be extended 6 inches to compensate for obstructions affecting the wall bracket or to use on two adjacent loading dock positions. An optional adjustable wall-mounted bracket allows the unit to be raised or lowered up to 19 inches in the door opening.

Utilizing a 115-volt plug-in connection, the CoolMan 2800’s fan has three speeds, and includes a variable timer that can be set from one to 180 minutes or to auto-off.

The Rite-Lite dock light uses six high-intensity LEDs, drawing 18 watts of power with unique beam optics for optimum brightness throughout the entire length of the trailer. Designed with an impact-resistant head, the Rite-Lite dock light controls are integrated into the mounting arm of the CoolMan 2800 and dimmable with four intensity settings for users to select the desired level of illumination.

The optional motion sensing technology senses when a forklift or person is leaving the trailer, and automatically dims the light, then restores to full power after a few seconds. When there is no loading dock activity, the auto-dimming feature reduces the light output to its lowest setting.

Rite-Hite Corp.