Nearly 92% of U.S. shoppers get frustrated when shopping in a store, with 86% annoyed at waiting for a refund, 52% angry about waiting to pay and 49% ready to boil over if they are unable to find what they want, according to a study released by Omnico, UK.

The “Omnico US Retail Research” report explores the shopping frustrations and attitudes to technology from 2,008 consumers nationwide.

Alaskans are more likely to get hot under the collar about waiting to pay (67%), than for example, New Yorkers (57%), Nebraskans and Virginians (50%) or Montanans (36%).

Nearly three-quarters of respondents (74%) say technology will make shopping easier. Likewise, 86% want to use scan-and-pay cellphone or tablet apps, so they can skip lines and save time, while 82% are ready to use kiosks to make in-store payments quicker and simpler. More than half (52%) say enabling payments at kiosks will improve their experience.

“Our research shows that huge numbers of U.S. consumers experience deep frustrations when shopping in a store,” says Mel Taylor, chief executive officer. “It’s obvious they know that advanced digital technology can resolve almost all of these problems to make their shopping enjoyable and easy again. The key will be the integration of current legacy POS systems with newer digital technology that enables deployment of scan-and-pay apps, for example, or centralizes refund management, without the need to rip and replace what’s already there.”

The U.S. in-store shopper’s embrace of technology includes loyalty programs. Almost seven in 10 (69%) will use loyalty programs integrated into an app, so users can collect and spend points or rewards. And, 51% are ready to use a cellphone app or a kiosk to order food and drinks in advance when they on a shopping trip.