Land O’Lakes International Development, Arden Hills, Minn., introduced Land O’Lakes Venture37, a new brand that links farmers to markets and empowers communities to thrive. The new brand builds on the achievements of Land O’Lakes International Development in nearly 80 countries since 1981.

“You may ask why we chose Land O’Lakes Venture37. It’s simple. Farmers are working with approximately 37% of the Earth’s land to grow the crops and raise the livestock that nourish our growing global population,” says John Ellenberger, executive director of Land O’Lakes Venture37 and senior vice president of Land O’Lakes, Inc. “Working together across continents, cultures and markets is critical to make abundant, nutritious food available, so everyone can realize their full potential. It’s a challenge Land O’Lakes International Development has helped meet for nearly 40 years through more than 300 unique projects. The launch of Land O’Lakes Venture37 is an exciting new chapter that builds on our long history of results.”

The new name and branding maintains a clear link between the organization’s non-profit international development mission and the unique value of technical expertise offered by its affiliation with Land O’Lakes, Inc.

“One of the elements that truly sets Land O’Lakes Venture37 apart, and has set us apart for almost 40 years, is our close bond with a leading farmer-owned cooperative that brings nearly a century of experience unlocking the potential of dairy, livestock and crop farms in fulfillment of our purpose of feeding human progress,” Ellenberger says. “Farmers help one another, no matter where they live, and the new Land O’Lakes Venture37 brand shines a spotlight on our shared work to bring agricultural solutions to countries across the globe.”

Current activities will continue uninterrupted across 16 projects spanning 10 countries, including the agricultural capacity building, food safety and cooperative development initiative.