Millennials spend nearly 1,200 hours each year on food, whether it be meal-prepping, cooking or eating out, according to a study released by Sweet Earth Foods, Moss Landing, Calif.

The plant-based food processor, acquired by Nestlé USA, Glendale, Calif., in 2017, uncovered the latest trends and spends for Millennials’ food habits.

For instance, Millennials

  • Spend $2,242 at the grocery store and $1,672 dining out.
  • Try an average of 46 new foods.
  • Attend 41 dinner parties and eat out 90 times.
  • Are more inclined to follow a special diet (57%), eat healthier (46%) and cut down on meat consumption (34%).

The survey, commissioned by OnePoll, UK, is among a nationally representative sample of 2,000 U.S. Millennials.