Origin Almond, Philadelphia, announced a brand refresh, which includes transitioning supply to sustainable zero-waste almonds, packaging upgrades and the introduction of a new Hemp Mojito variety. The newly refreshed lineup will launch in stores this September.

“Since our February launch, we’ve seen consistent monthly growth as more consumers are discovering our low-sugar and keto-friendly alternative to juice,” says Jake Deleon, founder and CEO. “We’ve also had the opportunity to listen to our consumers and retail partners and understand what can be done to make the product, and ourselves, better.”

All the Origin Almond products now start with a base of zero-waste almonds, meaning all parts of the harvested almond fruit is either used or upcycled. The outer hull is used as an alternative food source for cattle, the inner shell is used to power biofuel, and once the almond seed itself is extracted of its liquid essence, the remaining spent almond meal is upcycled as the primary component for the company’s separate Clean as Kale skincare line.

Through the partnership with Kraft Heinz Co., Pittsburgh, and its Springboard Incubator, Origin Almond collaborated with Ten Sixty Two, Denver, Colo., to create new packaging that highlights vibrant and bright food visuals describing each respective flavor. Furthermore, the front label prominently features its’ low sugar content, a key differentiator in the sugary premium juice set. 

Origin Almond also debuted the new Hemp Mojito variety, which is a unique twist on the Lime & Mint cocktail, but infused with organic hemp hearts for added plant-powered functionality.