American Thermal Instruments (ATI), a division of CAVU Brands, Dayton, Ohio, released its VarIoT technology, a high-temperature ascending indicator incorporating customer-specified product information in barcode or quick response (QR) code form. Scanning the static label with the VarIoT app displays product details, location of the temperature indicator and product-specific temperature threshold.

Drawing from a pre-specified product temperature range, the digital record displays customizable information based on GS1 parameters. VarIoT’s irreversible graphic PASS/FAIL indicator provides a clear and objective visual reference as to whether the product deviated from specified temperature parameters during storage or shipping.

Supporting Internet of Things (IoT) strategies, in compliance with the 8009 (01) standard set by AIM and GS1 and when paired with the customized VarIoT app, this technology provides real-time product data and critical temperature history.

With a response temperature of 25-71°C, VarIoT is accurate to within ±1°C. The self-activating sensory labels display an irreversible color change to indicate a temperature/quality breach. 

American Thermal Instruments