Multi-Conveyor, Winneconne, Wis., built a stainless-steel welded, washdown sanitary trough conveyor to transport balls of bakery dough. The 6-foot-long urethane belt conveyor feeds and discharges from existing conveyors.

This super clean trough design includes holes for easy cleaning, 2-pin pull belt removal for maintenance and no wear strips. The belt itself is formed in a "U" shape for product stability.

NTR belt removal takes mere seconds/minutes, allows for easy maintenance and simplistic changeovers, alleviates unnecessary toolboxes and tools for increased operator safety. The toolless pin-pull approach allows operators to remove the belt in mere seconds for routine maintenance. 

Bottom drip pans with clean and drain spouts catch the balled dough residue. The system has a 12-inch incline from the 42-inch top of conveyor infeed elevation to the 54-inch top of conveyor discharge elevation.