Sweet Earth Foods, Moss Landing, Calif., launched the Sweet Earth Awesome Burger and Sweet Earth Awesome Grounds.

The Awesome Burger features the meaty, juicy taste of a traditional burger, but in a plant-based format. Meanwhile, Awesome Grounds provides the same plant-based protein in a ground version that allows greater flexibility to cook various meals and sides, such as meatballs and tacos.

The Awesome Burger and Awesome Grounds are made with U.S.-sourced yellow pea protein, which is protein-dense and results 26 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber.

“The Sweet Earth Awesome Burger has a delicious, grilled beefy flavor, great texture and juiciness, with the added benefit of plant-based fiber and protein. We’ve been making delicious plant-based proteins for more than eight years, so the Awesome Burger is a natural evolution of our work in this space,” says Kelly Swette, chief executive officer. “We’re excited for people to find out why we call it awesome.”

The Sweet Earth Awesome Burger and Grounds are available at retailers nationwide.