KSB Distribution Pte. Ltd. is said to be one of Singapore’s most technologically advanced meat manufacturers, producing a large variety of fresh and processed products, including chicken, beef and lamb in traditional HALAL quality. The processing of meat has to meet high-quality standards. That’s why KSB carefully observes every production step in its more than 11,000-square-meter-sized production plant, where a fourth of the demand for fresh poultry in Singapore is processed.

KSB obtained the ISO 9001, HACCP and HALAL certifications in recognition of its food safety, manufacturing and quality management systems, and is also a Food Safety Partner of the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore.

The production line for HALAL sausages is the line with the highest quality requirements. Starting with best Australian meat, products on this line are produced in accordance with all HACCP rules until they find their way to supermarkets, restaurants and hotels.

One of the requirements of the HACCP standard is the installation of metal detectors at different critical points of the production process. KSB already had various control points in the meat processing section, but was in need of a solution for its end-of-line inspection after packaging.

KSB turned to Sesotec GmbH, Germany, for its wide range of metal detection solutions. For instance, the GLS GENIUS+ tunnel detector can be optimally combined with conveyor belts for the inspection of packed products. Its closed, rectangular design ensures high accuracy, reliable metal detection and is available in more than 200 sizes.