Butterball, Garner, N.C., launched its inaugural corporate social responsibility report, “The Butterball Way,” which showcases how Butterball delivered responsible, sustainable food and agriculture practices in 2018.

“We’ve seen an increasing demand for greater transparency in sustainable business practices from those who serve, sell and consume Butterball products. Publishing this first public-facing corporate social responsibility report underscores our commitment to responsible food production and agricultural practices,” says Jay Jandrain, president and CEO. “We hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence for how we do business, from our commitment to our people and the care and well-being of our turkeys to our stewardship of the environment and the way we give back to our communities. We know the impact we can have, and we’re proud to share our accomplishments, continued efforts and goals for the future.”

People. Team members’ safety, health and satisfaction is Butterball’s top priority.

  • Introduced a Butterball Rewards program that incentivizes points for performance, attendance and other achievements.
  • Continued the commitment to developing employees at all levels of the organization through Butterball’s Leadership Apprentice Program and Management and Development Program.
  • Invested in more than 6,000 team members’ growth, safety and well-being, achieving the lowest total injury rate in company history.

Plate. Butterball commits to providing high-quality products, and that begins with providing the best possible care for the turkeys.

  • Enhanced turkeys’ well-being through advanced technology, additional training and continued partnership with American Humane.
    • Butterball is said to be the only vertically integrated and largest turkey producer to carry the American Humane Certified seal on all Butterball products.
  • Completed the company’s biggest brand refresh in history, including new packaging designs, renovated and simplified ingredient statements and new product launches for a more robust all-natural line.
  • Completed the installation of on-farm video auditing in select locations to ensure the best care and handling of turkeys.

Planet. As a company grounded in agriculture, Butterball recognizes its responsibility to protect the planet it shares, preserve the natural resources it relies on to produce products and ensure families and future generations can enjoy a thriving environment.

  • Reduced Butterball’s environmental footprint within production, including:
    • 7.9% reduction in waste per pound of product produced.
    • 3.4% increase in recycled material from all waste generated.
    • Adoption of new “green” initiatives.

Philanthropy. Butterball knows how important it is to ensure local communities are thriving.

  • Served 1.2 million meals during natural disasters to those in need together with Operation BBQ Relief.
  • Donated nearly 1.2 million pounds of food to Feeding America.
  • Through the Butterball Traditions of Caring Foundation, contributed more than $30,000 in 2018 to provide assistance to people in need where Butterball employees live and work.

The report will serve as a benchmark to continue evolving Butterball in 2019 and beyond, as the company focuses on strategic priorities of growing innovation, having the right product mix and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. With this mindset, 2019 goals include:

  • Continue implementing practices that minimize Butterball’s environmental footprint, notably by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and landfill use.
  • Enhance team member development programs to improve career advancement opportunities and retention.
  • Expand team member training to include diversity and inclusion as Butterball’s future direction in hiring and philanthropy centers on enhanced inclusivity.
  • Introduce an updated mission statement and the Butterball Way that reflects how the business has changed and that will guide how Butterball works, makes decisions and treats people every day.
  • Further develop the team member volunteering program.
  • Enhance the Butterball Rewards program to link team members’ efforts with sustainability and community contributions.