Cargill, Minneapolis, introduced Feeding Intelligence, a new platform aimed at helping farmers navigate the changing food production landscape.

“Today’s farmers face countless challenges, from keeping up with a rapidly changing industry to navigating the demands of consumers,” says David Webster, president of Cargill’s animal nutrition and health business. “They are the heroes who nourish the growing world. But, being a hero is a difficult job. That’s why Cargill animal nutrition and health is committed to supporting those who feed the world, equipping them with the support, tools and solutions necessary to do so more sustainability, more responsibly and more intelligently.”

Feeding Intelligence provides resources for farmers on the latest intelligent production practices aimed at helping improve their operations, including technological advancement, animal health and well-being, performance, sustainability and more.

“Cargill employees work hard each day to build trusted partnerships with farmers around the world,” Webster adds. “Both consumers and farmers want safe, nutritious food produced in a sustainable manner. This goal is achievable and is a priority for Cargill. We champion the world’s farmers, supporting their quest for intelligent production practices that optimize animal health and well-being, providing consultative nutritional science expertise and advocating for these heroes, day in and day out.”

A Cargill study found that 55% of consumers think farmers should care most about providing safe, healthy, affordable and abundant food. Other noted responsibilities for farmers included sustainability, animal well-being and providing for their employees and communities.