Owyhee Produce, Nyssa, Ore., announced plans to create its own regenerative produce bags by converting hemp fibers sourced from its own crops. These compostable bags are set to be released Spring 2020.

Owyhee Produce began growing 500 acres of industrial hemp on its Oregon farm land to be used to create CBD oil. The leftover fibers will be used to create compostable bags and other industrial materials.

“We know not everyone can commit to these types of standards today. However, for the most demanding companies out there, those companies who have made the massive commitment to reduce carbon emissions, pollution and waste, we are here,” says Shay Myers, general manager. “We are among the most climate conscience and progressive farmers in the country, and we want to partner with the best companies to make a difference.”

Owyhee Produce also has plans to strengthen the foundation of its motto, “There’s a difference!” by being responsible farmers for the future. The company plans for a cleaner greener future by 2022:

  • 100% compostable, biodegradable or recyclable packaging
  • 100% regenerative
  • 100% carbon neutral
  • 25% water usage reduction per acre
  • 25% fuel use reduction per acre
  • 0% monoculture

“It is our duty to ensure that tomorrow’s farmers are able to efficiently farm from our sustainable farming practices of today,” says Myers.