Cygnus Home Service, LLC, also known as Schwan’s Home Service, Bloomington, Minn., launched Cygnus Frozen 3PL, a third-party e-commerce fulfillment program.

Cygnus’ mission is to help more frozen food companies capture e-commerce opportunities by offering a nationwide 1- to 2-day ground shipping network.

“Online grocery is projected to quadruple in size by 2023. The e-commerce opportunity for frozen food brands is massive, but very few 3PL companies specialize in direct-to-consumer frozen fulfillment,” says Joe Kirby, president. “We want to help frozen brands go direct to consumers like never before. We have a turnkey frozen e-commerce fulfillment solution that reaches the entire country in 1-2 days ground, plus unmatched logistics and food safety expertise we’ve built from more than 65 years of business.”

How it works is, Cygnus Frozen 3PL clients ship their frozen inventory to Cygnus’ national distribution center. From there, Cygnus distributes the inventory to its 10 fulfillment centers across the country. As clients market and sell their frozen foods online, Cygnus will pick the order in their closest fulfillment center, pack the order securely with dry ice and then use its third-party network to ship direct to the consumer’s home.

Cygnus’ 10 frozen fulfillment centers reach the entire U.S. population within 2 days ground, including 1-day ground shipping to more than 70% of major metro areas. The company’s 3PL program can accommodate subscription and on-demand business models. And, Cygnus can execute these shipments with best-in-class food safety and quality processes.