InfinityQS International, Inc., Fairfax, Va., opened a new subsidiary office in India to support its growing network of international clients and partners.

“Manufacturing businesses across India, as well as many of our international clients with manufacturing operations within India, are turning to InfinityQS solutions in ever-increasing numbers to help them transform their manufacturing and quality operations,” says Michael Lyle, president and CEO. “Our new Indian subsidiary will not only strengthen our relationships with those enterprises, but also enable us to put in place the foundations to support our aggressive and continued growth across the region.”

“India is ranked sixth in the world for manufacturing output, and this supports India’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, which focuses on transforming the country’s design and manufacturing sector,” Lyle adds. “Technology adoption trends are also evolving, with many businesses moving toward cost-effective, cloud-based solutions that can support the rapid transformation of the efficacy of their operations. This announcement forms part of our strategy to capitalize on these trends and to leverage our success by providing quicker and easier access to our latest innovations, including our leading statistical process control (SPC) and quality intelligence solutions—Enact and ProFicient.”

This move will further support the growth of the firm’s sales and service partner ecosystem across India.

“We believe that the best way to engage with our prospects, customers and partners across India is through a trusted network of highly skilled and focused partners who already provide vital services to the Indian manufacturing sector,” adds Jason Chester, director of global channel programs. “We are continuing to recruit new sales and service partners to join our highly successful global partner program. By opening an office in the commercial heart of the country, we will be able to serve the industry better and streamline our operational processes to improve business development and make communications more efficient for everyone.”