Diversified Technologies, Inc., Bedford, Mass., introduced a Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) production system for pre-treating multiple tons of whole pieces of fruits and vegetables per hour.

This PEF unit can pre-treat whole pieces of fruits and vegetables at the rate of multiple tons per hour to increase juice yields by up to 50% and achieve up to an 80% reduction of drying energy. Designed for food drying, extraction and tissue modification production processes, these compact systems can be custom configured for specific applications.

Capable of 100-10,000 liters per hour throughput, the industrial PEF unit can be modified electrically and physically over a wide range of specifications. Readily integrated into various processing systems, the PEF unit delivers maximum 50-600 kW power, field strength to 50 kV/cm, peak voltage of 10-40 kV, peak current to 500 A and pulse frequency to 4 kHz.

Diversified Technologies, Inc.