The MAX Mobile Workstation from ACD-USA, Inc., Wood Dale, Ill., is ideally suited for flexible data collection and independent work in the warehouse environment, including logistics, receiving area, cross docking, shipping, manufacturing, food processing, quality control and inventory control functions.

The MAX Mobile Workstations can be built to customized specifications and independent from the main electrical supply, which means the user can document incoming goods in the IT system directly at the point of delivery.

Advantages include minimized back and forth walking, the ability to store goods faster and fewer stationary work stations. In addition, a cold store/freezer version is available for low cold storage temperatures -28°C (-18°F).

The standard version features two maintenance-free 12 V/60 Ah gel batteries and 230 V/350 VA voltage transformer. This enables the operation of portable devices such as PCs, terminals, screens, scanners and label or laser printers.