Agr International Inc., Butler, Pa., introduced the Pilot Vision+ in-the-blowmolder inspection system for PET containers.

This Pilot Vision+ system is designed to work in conjunction with today’s high-speed re-heat stretch blowmolding equipment, and it can be used along with the Process Pilot automated blowmolder management system. The combination of Pilot Vision+ and Process Pilot provides bottle producers with the ability to not only detect random occurring defects, but also manage the process to maintain precise material distribution, even with the lightest and/or most difficult-to-process bottle design.

The Pilot Vision+ system is a modular vision-based inspection system that mounts inside high-speed re-heat stretch blowmolding equipment. The compact design of cameras and lighting components and an operating speed of up to 100,000 bottles per hour make it compatible with most blowmolder models and brands.

Plus, the open architecture allows for simultaneous management of up to 6 cameras in multiple locations. These are typically configured in four separate inspection stations—pre-form inspection in the oven area, and bottle seal surface, base and sidewall inspection immediately after mold takeout.

Additional features include:

  • Large, touch-screen user interface with data accessible from the main screen.
  • Pre-built tool sequences provided for each inspection type.
  • Flexibility to adjust parameters using live and history images during production.
  • Full-color pre-form imaging for color management.
  • Active cooling for high temperature operation.
  • Sealed components to prevent damage from fluids and moisture

The Pilot Vision+ system also offers a number of tools to assist operators with setup and job management. These include adjustable ROI tools, digital image filtering, zone scaling and the ability to display live and historical inspections images that can be used for evaluation or setup purposes.


Agr International Inc.