Consumer attitudes toward CBD indicate that there is a large demand for products containing the ingredient across the food sector, according to a study produced by FMCG Gurus, UK.

In Q3 2019, FMCG Gurus surveyed 26,000 consumers across 26 countries and found that only 9% of consumers are currently using products that contain CBD. However, when given a definition about what such products are, a total of 40% said that they would be willing to use.

When asked in what product sectors they would like to see the ingredient, 22% said that they would like to see the ingredient used in the food sector.

Research also found that two of the most popular answers for using such products were to help with anxiety (40%) and to help improve sleeping patterns (40%).

Despite four in 10 consumers saying they are interested in CBD products, 37% say they are concerned about the potential side effects of the products. Moreover, of those consumers unwilling to try such products, 40% express concerns about the safety of such products.