Multi-Conveyor, Winneconne, Wis., built a stainless-steel, 3-tiered wire mesh belt cooling conveyor to transport bakery dough over 94 feet.

An existing fryer feeds the 195° degree product onto this bolted-construction conveyor. It then moves through three tiers of 34-feet by 20-inch cooling wire mesh before discharging onto an existing icing machine.

A pitched "chute" guides the product as it gently rotates on its back side. The product then moves through another 34 feet through the second tier, then uses the same angled chute approach on the opposite end, dropping onto the third tier.

The system only runs about 5 feet per minute, during the entire 94 feet of conveyor belt, allowing time for product to reach the required cooled temperature. Conveyor discharge ends feature minimum diameter nose-bar or minimum diameter sprockets for ease of product transfer.