The BITZER Refrigerant Ruler app from BITZER, Flowery Branch, Fla., enables users to easily and quickly assess refrigerant data.

Designed specifically for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, it contains data on all common refrigerants, including key fluid properties, safety group information, global warming potential (GWP), ozone depletion potential (ODP) and information on choice of oil type for the compressor.

This tool provides an intuitive user interface for easy and accurate temperature-to-pressure conversion while allowing easy pre-selection and switching between different metric (SI) and imperial (IP) units.

The main functions include several parallel slide controls for setting pressure and temperature values, search filters and favorites, as well as the possibility to adjust all relevant parameters in the settings menu. In addition, supplementary information on refrigerants and links to relevant online documents are available. 

The app contains information on more than 100 natural and synthetic refrigerants, which can also be pre-selected via filters. BITZER also provides data on previously used refrigerants that may have been affected by usage restrictions.

In the settings menu, all important parameters for the determination of sea level as well as for temperature and pressure value can be adjusted. Other functions allow for an anonymous analysis and a change to standard settings. Furthermore, the app offers the possibility to set the current altitude above sea level or atmospheric pressure to correct dew and boiling points when over-pressure values are entered.

Bitzer US, Inc.