Over the past two weeks, our mission to deliver dairy that tastes better because it’s made better has taken on new significance. As Essential Workers, we feel our mission is our responsibility – to craft our products with love and care, to stay positive and keep going in the face of new challenges, and to provide solace and comfort to you and your family through good food.  

As stakeholders in a vital food system, and as Vermonters, we are all in this together and will get through this together. 

Our hearts break for all those whose health has been impacted by this virus; we hope that you and your loved ones find wellness and healing quickly. Our heroes are the healthcare workers and other essential workers who show up every day and will face unthinkable realities in the coming weeks. 

Our thoughts are also with our friends behind the counters of cheese shops, our restaurant industry family and our dedicated retailers who face new and increasingly more significant challenges each day as the situation evolves.   

The Food System is Essential.

Now more than ever, we are reminded of how important our role is in supporting our neighbors both near and far, and equally, how essential our farmers, manufacturing employees, truck drivers and store clerks are in feeding our country. 

At Vermont Creamery, we have taken thorough sanitation measures to ensure enhanced food safety and are following the recommendations of the CDC to protect our employees and to do our part to stop the spread of this virus.   

As Essential Workers, our team of 134 Bettermakers have rallied to make sure our food system continues to operate in the face of COVID-19. Our churn is running seven days a week, because our hardworking farmers need a place to sell their milk, and stores need food on their shelves. 

We Know our Part is Vital - So we press on.

As long as they are feeling well and able, our cheese and butter makers are here to do what they do best – make consciously crafted food for you and your family.  Our office and administrative staff are working remotely and proving that we can still move our business forward, leaning on our company culture in these trying times.   

We are providing additional benefits including paid emergency leave. We are also working with the state to provide resources for childcare in the wake of school closures and doing our best to take it one day at a time, when nothing feels familiar.   

Supporting our Community.

Feeding our community is always top of mind, so rest assured that any product that goes unsold will be donated, either to our neighbors at the Vermont Food Bank, or other local organizations that need our help here in central Vermont.   

During this time, whenever possible, please consider supporting your local specialty shops and grocers to stock your fridge and pantry with delicious products made by small but mighty makers who need our help too. Our friends at Culture Magazine compiled this list of retailers by state that offer online ordering, check it out here.  

Above all, I hope you are all able to carve out moments of comfort in your day, to share some cheese, or a virtual glass of wine, take a walk, connect with your family, and put your mind at ease whenever possible.

You are all on our minds and in our hearts.  

Be well,    

Adeline Druart, president, Vermont Creamery   

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