Tiller & Hatch announces four new flavors launching this month in Target and direct-to-consumer at TillerandHatch.com: Chili Mac, Italian Chicken Gnocchi, BBQ Beef Chili and Chicken Tikka Masala. Each of the new flavors cook in less than 12 minutes and comes in both 20 oz or 40 oz, enough to feed 2-4 people, and no one needs to know you made this magic in minutes.

Chili Mac: This tasty Midwestern favorite is a guaranteed comfort meal wherever dinner is served.

Italian Chicken Gnocchi: Roll up the dough and fire up the chicken, this beloved Italian dish is packed with classic ingredients.

BBQ Beef Chili: This year-round favorite is a perfect mix of a little chili spice with some flavorful BBQ heat. 

Chicken Tikka Masala: Creamy and delicious, this spiced dish is prepared to ignite the whole family’s taste buds. 

With more days than ever being spent at home and the unknown of when things will be completely back to normal, there has never been a better time to cook, and try new recipes. Tiller & Hatch is a frozen meal company designed for a pressure cooker. The brand includes high-quality wholesome easy to make meals that can feed a family of 4 for only $12 (around $3 per person). The meals include hearty stews, flavorful soups, pasta dishes and more – all created with premium quality ingredients – meat without added hormones of antibiotics and no artificial flavors, colors or added MSG.