Laura Chenel, America’s original producer of high-quality goat milk cheese for chefs and consumers, is building on the success of its award-winning fresh and aged cheeses with expanded distribution of Laura Chenel Probiotic Goat Milk Yogurt. A flavorful, healthy alternative to cow’s milk yogurt, Laura Chenel Probiotic Goat Milk Yogurt in Plain and Vanilla is available in grocery stores throughout California including Whole Foods and Mollie Stone’s, New Seasons in Portland, Oregon, specialty retailers, and online.

Exceptionally fresh with a pleasantly mild flavor and a smooth, creamy texture, Laura Chenel Probiotic Goat Milk Yogurt is crafted in small batches at its LEED Gold-certified sustainable creamery in Sonoma, California. Laura Chenel built its reputation on the successful fusion of traditional French cheese-making techniques and California’s forward-thinking food culture to make America’s first commercial goat cheese. Now, the freshest milk from pastured goats at family-owned farms in the American West contributes to the unique tangy flavor of Laura Chenel Probiotic Goat Milk Yogurt. Strains of live and active cultures, including BB-12 probiotic Bifidobacterium, are added to the milk after pasteurization, creating a probiotic-rich yogurt that’s free of starch/grain additives, preservatives and artificial colors and flavorings. An extremely fresh product, Laura Chenel Probiotic Goat Milk Yogurt is subject to seasonal fluctuations in texture based on natural differences in seasonal lactation. In summer, the yogurt is lighter and thinner while in winter, its texture is thick and rich.

Laura Chenel Marketing Director Manon Servouse says, “You can taste the mild flavor of high quality, local fresh goat milk in each spoonful. Deliciously creamy and smooth with gut-healthy probiotics — this yogurt is a dream.” Now it’s easier to find Laura Chenel Probiotic Goat Milk Yogurt through the store locator on the website or online ordering. 

Laura Chenel Probiotic Goat Milk Yogurt Plain — Available in snack-size 4.75-ounce glass jars with gold foil lids or family-size 23-ounce glass jars (re-sealable lid). The fresh, mildly tangy flavor of Plain adds a subtle acidity (as well as probiotics and protein) to any smoothie. Add berries and granola for a family-friendly treat or use it as a substitute for sour cream or crème fraîche in sauces and dips.

Laura Chenel Probiotic Goat Milk Yogurt Vanilla — Available in 4.75-ounce glass jars with gold foil lids ideal for a morning energy boost, a healthy lunch component or an afternoon pick-me-up. Winner of 2nd Place at the 2020 World Cheese Championship and Best in Class at the 2019 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest.

Both flavors are gluten-free and certified Kosher by Kashruth Certification.

Laura Chenel Probiotic Goat Milk Yogurt (4.75 oz. MSRP $2.49; 23 oz. MSRP $6.99) is available atnatural and specialty food retailers throughout California, Portland, OR., and online. Go to the Where to Buy page ( for a store locator or to order online. 

Goat Yogurt for Better Health

Goat milk yogurt can be an alternative to cow’s milk yogurt for lactose-intolerant people or those seeking a dairy-based yogurt with better digestibility due to the smaller fat molecules and different milk proteins in goat milk. Laura Chenel Probiotic Goat Milk Yogurt has the added benefit of:

●      1 billion probiotics per serving from BB12®, which studies have shown support the body’s immune and digestive systems and promote gastrointestinal health;

●      no stabilizers, texturizers, preservatives, artificial colors or flavorings;

●      seasonal fluctuations in texture and consistency that prove it’s made from the extremely fresh, non-homogenized milk of pastured goats. 

As Laura Chenel enters its fifth decade of setting the industry standard for American goat cheese, it remains synonymous with quality and taste and meets consumer demand for healthier, more natural products that are often easier to digest.

About Laura Chenel

Laura Chenel ushered in a new chapter in American cheese in 1979 when she started making farmstead goat cheese with milk from her goats and techniques she learned in France.

Today, Laura Chenel still embodies its founding namesake’s pioneering spirit as a leading producer of fresh and aged goat cheeses, and goat yogurts crafted with fresh goat milk from family-owned farms in California, Oregon, Nevada and Idaho. Located in the heart of Sonoma County, Laura Chenel is the first U.S. creamery to be awarded LEED Gold certification, and its commitment to sustainable practices, including solar energy and recycling, helps preserve the terroir for generations to come.