Plant-based food brand Heura has made an in-kind donation to leading UK food charity Refettorio Felix to help provide nutritious plant-based meals to Londoners in need during January. The donation was made to celebrate Veganuary, the global challenge started in the United Kingdom that encourages people around the world to go vegan for the month of January. 400,000 people from 192 countries joined this initiative last year, and over one million people have taken part in the challenge since its inception. 

Rising unemployment spurred by COVID-19 has led to many struggling to put food on the table and nutritious meals - which plant-based food can provide - remain inaccessible for many of those in need. 

One study found that the diets of homeless people were high in calories, fat, and cholesterol, with the study’s participants averaging just 3.4 servings of combined fruit and vegetables per day. In addition, many traditional sources of help for homeless people are unable to accommodate different dietary requirements. 

That’s why Heura has donated 1380 plant-based meals in order to broaden the food available to those in need.  

Speaking about the donation, food activist, CEO, and co-founder of Heura Marc Coloma says, "When we heard about Refettorio Felix’s mission to provide nutritious and sustainable meals using surplus food to those in need, we were immediately struck by how much their values are aligned with our own. Activism is at the heart of everything that Heura does, and we are thrilled to be able to work together with Refettorio Felix towards our shared goal of creating a more equitable, compassionate, and ethical future for both our planet and those in need.

“During a time where the Coronavirus pandemic has led to a significant increase in food insecurity," Coloma continues, "these values and goals are more important than ever. We all must do our part to build a future where everyone has access to a good quality, environmentally friendly, and nutritious meal.” 

Refettorio Felix Head Chef Cleo Melvin adds, “‘Everyone should have the right to a vegetarian or vegan meal, for environmental, animal, religious, health, or any other reasons or beliefs that they may have. As an organisation that is focused in reducing food waste, much of this is vegetable based. We have the option to provide meals for different diets & reduce waste simultaneously. We are focused on providing healthy and nutritious diets for all.”  

Refettorio Felix works with homeless, elderly, and lonely populations. They provide positive and warm therapeutic services to accomplish the charity’s objectives of relieving poverty, hardship, sickness and distress. The charity’s impact is grounded in the power of a shared meal of outstanding quality made with 100% surplus and sustainable food. 

With a growth of 460% in the last year, Heura is the fastest-growing 100% plant-based meat company in Europe. It already has a presence in 13 countries around the world: Spain, Andorra, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Egypt, Canada and Chile.

About Heura

Heura is a 100% plant-based meat start-up. Its mission is to create solutions that make the current food system obsolete and accelerate the transition to a world in which animals are out of the protein production equation entirely. Its Mediterranean roots are reflected in its products, which all have a clean label, high nutritional values, and exceptional flavour. Founded by food activists Marc Coloma and Bernat Añaños, Heura was born in April 2017 and is currently present in 3,000 points of sale in 13 countries around the world: Spain, Andorra, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Egypt, Canada and Chile.