Dietz & Watson knows that many consumers today are looking for ways to eat more plant-based foods, yet struggle with giving meat up altogether, so they are introducing Blends, a 50/50 blended sausage that features no antibiotics ever lean chicken and a medley of vegetables and quinoa (an ancient grain). Packed with 10g of protein, each variety is casing- and gluten-free with no nitrates or nitrites.

Dietz & Watson Blends are available in three varieties: an Italian Style inspired by a classic Italian sausage sandwich with the savory flavors of roasted peppers, onions, & mozzarella cheese; a Buffalo-style Spicy Cheddar, with a perfect balance of a little spicy, a little cheesy, and a little veggie; and a Tomato and Basil, inspired by classic Tuscan flavors that combines the subtle harmony of tomato, garlic & basil.

“Our research shows that consumers would like to see more blended protein products and their numbers will surely rise as these types of products become more readily available,” said Lauren Eni, VP Brand Strategy for Dietz & Watson. “We’re very excited about this launch and are confident of a great consumer reaction to the quality and flavor of Blends.”

These products are geared not only to omnivores and flexitarians, but also as an option for families trying to add more veggies to the plates of picky eaters. According to Mintel (What consumers think about meat alternatives Oct 2020 + IRI®), a sizeable portion of American consumers, 41%, are interested in new blended protein items.

According to Mintel, today’s consumer claims to be reducing meat consumption and moving towards more plant-based diets. People who follow a Flexitarian diet are most confident the approach will work long-term, indicating that a healthy focus, yet lack of strict guidelines makes this eating style more practical to maintain than diets with restricted foods.

Dietz & Watson Blends are available beginning in March 2021, and to create awareness and initiate trial, Dietz & Watson will utilize different in-store retail marketing and merchandising tactics, including: On-Shelf Point of Sale & Signage, Shelf Cards, Wobblers, Channel Strips, Circular Ad Blocks, eComm Imagery & Assets, Promotional Pricing & Program, Loyalty Card Offers/Digital Coupons and more.

About Dietz & Watson

Founded in 1939 by Gottlieb Dietz, Dietz & Watson remains true to the original old-world recipes and Gottlieb’s commitment to “quality above all”. Creating the freshest and leanest beef, ham, pork, turkey breast, and chicken breast, Dietz and Watson’s products are enhanced with all-natural spices and seasonings for increased flavor. In addition to the natural seasonings and spices, all of their products are free of artificial flavors, colors, fillers, extenders and MSG. Currently headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dietz & Watson continues their tradition of family and their commitment to expecting the best. Under the lead of Gottlieb Dietz’s daughter, Ruth “Momma” Dietz Eni (Chairman), Dietz & Watson continues to lead the industry in Premium Deli Meats and Artisan Cheeses. In addition to the guidance from Ruth Dietz Eni, the company is led by founder Gottlieb Dietz’ grandchildren, Louis Eni (President and CEO), Chris Eni (COO), Cindy Eni Yingling (CFO). Today, the fourth generation, Lauren Eni, Christopher Yingling and Michael Eni have joined the company to carry the tradition further.