Ark Foods' Clean Label Salads will debut on shelves at the following retailers across the country:
● Whole Foods Southwest (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas)
● Giant Martin’s (Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia)
● King Kullen / Wild by Nature (New York)
● Winn-Dixie (Florida)
● Central Market (Texas)
● Giant Eagle and Market District (Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania)

“With this new group of spring launches, Ark Foods is leading exciting change in the produce aisle,” said Lindsay Belfatto, VP of Sales for Ark Foods. “When you think about a nutrient-dense, plant-based lunch, our Clean Label Salads will be an accessible option at the grocery store, especially as people return to the office. We’re eager to continue this momentum and bring the line to as many produce aisles as we can in 2021.”

Developed, tested, and brought to market entirely during the pandemic, the salad line seeks to bring awareness and accessibility to veggies rarely seen in store-bought salads, like watermelon radishes and golden beets, with a concise and pronounceable list of ingredients.

The plant-based dressings were inspired by some of the most popular dressings sought by consumers, including:
● Cashew Kale Caesar
● Crunchy Kale Ranch
● Ginger Sesame Greens
● Bright Pesto Greens

About Ark Foods

Ark Foods is a modern-day farming company that creates simple, fresh, and exciting food. From Shishito Peppers and Honeynut Squash to plant-based Veggie Bowls, Ark Foods believes there’s magic in growing and eating vegetables, and works every day to share this feeling with the world. Ark Foods has built its own ecosystem and is deeply involved at every stage of production, from purchasing the highest quality seeds to growing crops responsibly, and producing imaginative food that, in any form it might take, will be remarkable. Ark Foods is available at select retailers nationwide including Whole Foods Market, Costco, and Walmart.