Food Process Solutions (FPS) has announced the launch of their Spiral Immersion System (SIS) targeting food processors in North America as their first market. The technology first developed in 2018 are exceeding expectations of not only chilling and freezing food products but in pasteurizing, cooking and sous vide applications. This is considered a game changer for food processors looking for superior performance as well as savings in labor and energy costs.

Utilizing the efficiency of liquid vs air, heat is transferred 25 times faster in water or brine solution and is more flexible as compared to chilling or freezing in air. By employing a spiral conveyor in a tank of liquid, continuous immersion processing is possible in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +90°C.

“When we initially developed the SIS, our focus was on faster and more efficient freezing; however, we have also experienced a tremendous interest in cooking/pasteurizing/sous vide applications of the SIS, states Steve Kelley, Director of Spiral Immersion Systems. Sous Vide, long a staple of gourmet restaurants, is growing in popularity because it produces higher quality food with a long shelf life. The final products are consistent in flavour and quality and can be reheated in the bag – making them perfect for commercial and institutional settings.

“The SIS is an example of FPS’s commitment to Set a New Standard. With the SIS, our clients can produce safer, better quality food using much less energy and significantly less labor,” states Jeffrey Chang, President, FPS Food Process Solutions Corp. 

FPS will now be offering the SIS technology to all its North American customers and is looking forward to showcasing the technology at various tradeshows starting in the fall of 2021. 

About FPS Food Process Solutions

FPS Food Process Solutions, a global leader in turn-key freezing and cooling equipment, employs almost 500 staff around the world. Established in 2010, FPS has a combined 450,000 sq. ft (41,800 sq. meters) of space, including its Canadian headquarters, 10 manufacturing and warehouse facilities as well as international sales offices across five continents.

Our Vision is to Revolutionize Hygienic Standards

We use the most leading-edge technology and innovation to move our industry forward.  Our focus on hygiene is the foundation for safe food production. Our purpose is to revolutionize the food processing industry, and ensure the safest and cleanest global food production for all.

Our Mission is to Set a New Standard

We invest in our people and partners.  We believe the best results come from strong collaborations. We aim to raise the bar in our field by providing close client relationships, offer outstanding levels of service, and implement global hygienic standards.  We believe that together, we will set a new standard.