The new patent-pending FlexiBulk by JBT-Avure HPPs both individually packaged products and food and beverage bulk products simultaneously, allows for filling HPP’d product in multiple container options—including cans and reusable bags, bottles and cartons—and it is the fastest and most efficient bulk HPP machine in the world with fill speeds up to 55 gallons a minute.

With the FlexiBulk, filling and unfilling is done outside the HPP press, which means that the FlexiBulk can fill bags, in baskets, while other bags are being pressed and unfilled. These steps can all be done simultaneously, resulting in higher throughputs. With a traditional HPP machine, all these steps need to be done in series, which means that you cannot fill or unfill the bladder while the product is being pressurized.

About JBT-Avure
JBT-Avure enables producers to implement High Pressure Processing, HPP, with the fastest, most reliable equipment. From installation and maintenance of equipment systems to recipe and package development, JBT-Avure helps producers increase food safety and extend shelf life while providing consumers with nutritious, natural, flavorful food. JBT-Avure equipment is used to treat the majority of all HPP-protected food around the world. Avure Technologies joined JBT Corporation, a global leader in food and beverage processing solutions, in 2017.