To keep up with the growing demand for high-pressure pasteurization (HPP), JBT/Avure Technologies, Erlanger, Ky., is expanding its manufacturing space in Middletown, Ohio, by over 50%.

“Currently, HPP is a $12 billion industry, and it's forecasted to double in the next six years,” says Jeff Williams, vice president and general manager. “There are two key factors sparking HPP's growth. First, there is the consumer. The desire for clean label, natural and fresh foods and beverages is a natural fit with HPP. The second is the manufacturers themselves. Most people are aware of the food safety benefits with HPP. The other benefit is extending shelf lives of natural products, which not only reduces scrap/waste in our food supply, but also enables manufacturers to expand the geographic distribution of their products. No other technology provides the same range of benefits relative to nutrition, safety and shelf life extension.”

“We are certainly seeing more and more SKUs across every category currently using HPP. The emerging categories include soups, baby food, pet foods, new beverage alternatives and RTE meals,” says Lisa Wessels, marketing director. “And, we’re only at the beginning of this trend with demand increasing exponentially.”