Lisco Spirits has launched an all-natural Tequila hard seltzer with 5% alcohol combined with real fruit juice and sparkling water. Crafted with blanco tequila from Jalisco, Mexico, Lisco Spirits is available in four-pack, and variety eight-pack options featuring Fresh Pineapple, Luscious Lime, Sweet Mango and Juicy Watermelon flavors. The hard seltzer is only 100 calories and is free of any artificial flavors or added sugars.

Lisco Spirits is available at select retailers in New York and New Jersey.

“Lisco Spirits is a drink for trendsetters unlike anything else in the industry, and we’re excited to deliver a unique experience for tequila and hard seltzer drinkers, from the ingredients in the seltzer to the unique art on the can,” says Ikey Esses, co-founder of Lisco Spirits. “We can’t wait to introduce its real, fresh ingredients and authentic flavor to New York and New Jersey, and we are confident that Lisco will continue to make noise as we expand nationwide this year, and beyond.”

About Lisco Spirits

Lisco Tequila Seltzer is crafted from blue weber agave blanco tequila straight outta Jalisco, Mexico, and combines real fruit juice, sparkling water, and 5 percent alcohol for an all-natural beverage. Sitting at 100 calories, Lisco Spirits offers inviting and deliciously fresh ready-to-drink flavors including Fresh Pineapple, Luscious Lime, Sweet Mango and Juicy Watermelon. Lisco Spirits is based in Cranbury, New Jersey with products available at select retail locations.