Trü Frü has launched Piña Colada—a white chocolate and coconut covered pineapple snack at Target in the frozen dessert aisle, at only 70 calories per serving.

Trü Frü Piña Colada starts with a perfect slice of pineapple fully ripened, then immersed in a premium blend of white chocolate and roasted coconut. Trü Frü proprietary Hyper-Chilled process locks in nature’s vine ripened fruit indulgence.

“Trü Frü will only ever be as good as the fruit at the center of it all. We travel the globe for this. For Piña Colada our star is the best Costa Rican Pineapple, picked at the peak of ripeness. After that it is all about the pairing. Pairing matters. We want the chocolate to complement the fruit, never dominating. With Piña Colada we had tried dark chocolate but it didn’t come across really clean until one of our fans suggested a white chocolate and coconut pairing. Once we were able to solve the layering and mixing of that pairing with the juicy slice of pineapple we were golden,” says Taz Murray, Co-Founder of Trü Frü.