One tiny insect can have an enormous impact on the content of big bags, sometimes ruining up to 3,000 pounds of product. Masterpack’s modified atmosphere technique for FIBCs have benefits stretching far beyond pest control.

The air composition in every FIBC can be tailored to the specific needs of the product, including dried foods, dairy-based powders, coffee, seeds, and spices. The modified atmosphere technique makes no use of chemicals or pesticides and is suitable for organic food products. It also keeps dry products safe from unwanted moisture development. This means that the freshness of the products is maintained and shelf life is elongated.

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F 286 Thermoformer


The F 286 Thermoformer from Multivac is designed specifically for snack-size packages using flexible plastic films and aluminum foil films. The F 286 has a high level of flexibility, efficiency, and pack quality.

The machine achieves a high output with up to 240 packs per minute and has an excellent price-performance ratio. The machine is constructed in the Multivac hygienic design, and it offers easy access for cleaning and maintenance, for appetizingly-packaged snacks. Various equipment options enable the machine to be designed to the customer's individual requirements for output capability and required printing or labeling.

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