Providing a combination of food-grade nitrogen, carbon dioxide and/or oxygen, the Linde MAPAX modified atmosphere packaging system includes on-site gas supply and delivery. Its metering and control systems can be matched to a plant’s existing food packaging system. The MAP system inerts and preserves a range of bagged, trayed, canned and bottled products.

Linde North America, Inc.


Capable of hygienically sealing trays of almost any shape or size, Ishida QX-1100 Flex tray sealers have an intelligent machine design that simplifies the unit’s setup, changeover and sanitation. It includes automatic and quick-release features, self-draining curved surfaces and tool-less removal of the belts and conveyors. In the event of a knife or heater problem, the individual sealing heads automatically disable (with an operator alert). Split dual-lane models have lanes that can operate independently with different trays and speeds to deliver up to 15 cycles per minute with modified atmosphere packaging. High-capacity single lane versions are also available.

Heat and Control, Inc.


Available in single or multiple lanes, Hinds-Bock cup and tray filling lines come with varying levels of automation, ranging from a filling machine to automated lines, including a denester, film sealer and overcap lidder. Hopper agitation is available to run serving-strength soups; the bottom-up fill option prevents mounding of viscous products. Suitable for spreading sauce within trays or the filling of entrée items, the lines can be used for a range of products from thin sauces to viscous products with particulates.

Hinds-Bock Corp.


Eliminating the use of glue and pressure-sensitive tape, the Eagle POPLOK automatic tray forming solution erects 100% recyclable, self-locking corrugated and paperboard trays. With the environmentally friendly unit, flat blank trays are placed in a hopper and pulled into the forming section and under forming plows that erect the side and end panels; minor flaps are folded simultaneously. The trays then pass through a set of side bars that fold and lock the roll-over flap into place. The unit handles a variety of flat blank sizes to produce an array of formed trays with and without hinged lids.

Eagle Packaging Machinery LLC