With a vision to create more than just the single SKU, Founder Kathryn Bernell has relaunched the superfood smoothie pops under the ReHarvest Provisions name as the first of an expansive portfolio of better-for-you and better-for-the-planet products.  

Along with the name change came a package design overhaul with the goal of showing what the pops look like and how to enjoy them. Packaging showcases the origins of the ingredients, highlighting ReHarvest’s main differentiator – using whole upcycled fruits and veggies (versus processed concentrates, purees, flavors, or additives). ReHarvest Provisions works with manufacturers and farmers to source, purchase, and upcycle unnecessarily discarded and overlooked products and byproducts like cauliflower stems that would otherwise go to waste.

ReHarvest Provisions pops are available on the company’s website and will soon replace reBLEND on Thrive Market, Amazon, Imperfect Produce, Misfits, FreshDirect, and Sunbasket, with plans to expand to brick and mortar in 2022.