Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams announces the return of Sunshine, the deceptively gray yet citrusy flavor, in honor of Mental Health Awareness month, and in partnership with On Our Sleeves, a nonprofit organization on a mission to break stigmas around children’s mental health.

Sunshine is an ice cream designed to get people talking: It’s a flavor that looks as muted gray as a rain cloud, but tastes like a ray of sunshine. A fun play on the mind and a pleasant reminder that things aren’t always what they seem, Sunshine is back for a limited-time-only beginning on April 28 and is available online and in scoop shops. 

Sunshine is meant to raise awareness of — and spark conversations about — children’s mental health. Jeni’s is proud to donate $25,000 to help On Our Sleeves distribute Kindness Kits to 30,000 children in classrooms across the country. Each kit includes a curriculum for the educator and hands-on activities for children to learn about and practice strategies for mental and emotional wellness together. Jeni’s is also accepting donations at checkout in scoop shops throughout May. Customers will be able to donate $1 to support On Our Sleeves 

"Even before the pandemic, we were seeing alarming trends in children’s mental health," notes Dr. Ariana Hoet, Ph.D., a pediatric psychologist at Nationwide Children's Hospital and clinical director of On Our Sleeves. "This is why it is important to provide parents, caretakers and teachers with resources and information to better understand the children in their lives. By having important conversations and building daily check-in habits, we are equipping kids with the resources they need to build their mental wellness and feel comfortable seeking help when they need it. We are so excited by Jeni's commitment to supporting pediatric mental health and to continuing these conversations over a scoop of Sunshine."

 While it may look like a rain cloud, this flavor boasts a lemon punch upfront with a tart backbone of passion fruit and a soft undercurrent of sweet tangerine. Like all of Jeni’s buttermilk frozen yogurts, it’s made with fresh yogurt and cultured buttermilk, giving this flavor the bouncy texture the brand is known for.

About Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams
Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams is a modern American ice cream company devoted to making the finest ice creams the world has ever known. Founded in Columbus, Ohio, in 2002 by James Beard Award-winning ice cream maker Jeni Britton, Jeni's has emerged over the past 20 years as the new standard by which all other ice creams (and ice cream companies) are judged. With Jeni in charge of all creative output—from the ice cream itself to all of the supporting details that enhance the experience of eating it—Jeni's continues to make one-of-a-kind flavors with Direct and Fair Trade ingredients and super fresh milk from family dairy farms. Today, Jeni's is a Certified B Corporation known for its social, environmental and business leadership with more than 60 scoop shops, an online shop at and distribution in top grocery stores across the country.