TekniPlex Consumer Products has launched a new line of 100% PET Processor Trays offering premium product display while addressing common packaging challenges prevalent in the poultry industry – particularly higher-end products such as those labeled organic, non-GMO or sustainably sourced.  

Notably, TekniPlex’s new trays are made of 100% PET, and contain up to 50% postindustrial recycled content. They also are 100% recyclable, appealing to consumers’ heightened sustainability sentiments.

“We are continuing to expand our overall material and product offerings to include more eco-minded solutions as our customers and their commitment to sustainability continue to drive industry-wide change,” said Jay Arnold, vice president and general manager. “PET is the most widely recycled and favorably viewed plastic in the eyes of the public, making it a great option to help our customers meet their goals.”

The trays’ heightened sustainability and attractive shelf appeal are complemented by premium performance, as they are designed to survive the rigors of the case-ready environment. TekniPlex’s PET trays are shatter-resistant even in harsh, cold environments – reducing breakage, product loss, leaks, and the risk of safety recalls.

TekniPlex’s PET Processor Trays utilize a proprietary innovative technique called Hidden Rim Technology, which prevents the overwrap film from tearing and creates freight and shipping efficiencies. Because the trays pack denser, customers can increase shipping volume per truck, reducing the number of truck trips needed. In the poultry test customer example mentioned above, the rim technology also yielded a 30% reduction in the number of worker hours needed to unload trucks. 

“The cube advantage can provide fuel, cost, and time savings to customers while reducing the number of trucks on the road and freeing up valuable warehouse square footage at a time when real estate space is at a premium,” Arnold said. 

TekniPlex’s PET Processor Trays are hassle-free to adopt, as they are a drop-in replacement for foam polystyrene trays. This means there is no need to update existing equipment or alter production processes. The new PET Processor Trays are available in clear (natural), translucent colors, and opaque colors. Clear and translucent trays are accepted into the recycling stream at many material recovery facilities across the country. Additional tray sizes and hues are continuously in development to meet customer needs.  

About TekniPlex Consumer Products
TekniPlex Consumer Products specializes in advanced materials science solutions for companies in the food & beverage and CPG industries with a focus on protecting products, strengthening brands, and innovating sustainably. Trusted by companies around the world, TekniPlex Consumer Products serves sectors from beauty & personal care products, and household items to dairy, meat & poultry, eggs, produce, and beverages. With an expanding selection of material-diverse solutions – bolstered in recent years, by a series of strategic acquisitions – TekniPlex Consumer Products is leading the way creating next-generation packaging designs that address real-world challenges in the markets it serves. Most notably, the company is focused on developing more sustainable solutions that continue to provide product safety and consumer satisfaction.