LaneAxis, the industry’s first Direct Freight Network built on blockchain, formalized a partnership agreement with GTFO It’s Vegan, the largest online retailer, wholesaler and distributor of vegan and plant-based foods in the U.S. and Canada. Together, the two companies are creating a virtual, national network of carriers and independent cold-storage warehouses allowing for enhanced visibility for contracting, negotiating, direct payment and tracking for perishable product deliveries.

Currently, cold storage warehouse capacity accounts for about 75% of the gross refrigerated storage capacity in the U.S. However, increased demand for frozen and refrigerated products across the U.S., transportation backlogs and labor shortages have severely strained cold storage capacity, driving up both logistic and warehousing rates for vendors and manufacturers.

“The cold storage capacity constraint has adversely affected many of our vendors,” said Marc Pierce, CEO of GTFO It’s Vegan. “Our international vendors struggle to bring product into the U.S., while domestic vendors can’t move product in a timely and affordable manner. Logistic costs are significantly driving down gross profits in an already low margin sector.”

To solve this problem, LaneAxis, in collaboration with GTFO It’s Vegan, has created a virtual network of over 7,000 cold storage facilities across the U.S., all linked by the LaneAxis Direct Freight Network.

“The integration of a virtual cold storage network with the LaneAxis Direct Freight Network offers a simple, affordable and frictionless end-to-end solution for all global companies looking to move and temporarily store temperature-sensitive products throughout the U.S.,” said LaneAxis CEO and Founder Rick Burnett. “With such fragmentation, there is no standardization in setting up, managing, and paying for cold storage logistics. This created a unique opportunity for LaneAxis and GTFO It’s Vegan to create an ‘Uber-like’ solution to find, book, manage, and pay for cold transportation and storage.”

Once fully implemented, the virtual, national network of independent cold storage warehouses will become an invaluable part of the cold storage supply chain, making it easier for global companies to protect and transport their temperature-dependent products.

Specifically, the virtual network will help manufacturers and vendors of cold and refrigerated products:

  • Save time and money.
  • Simplify scheduling, management, and payment processing of cold storage logistics services.
  • Increase geographic reach.

As part of the LaneAxis and GTFO It’s Vegan partnership, GTFO will immediately promote the virtual cold storage solution to its 1,000+ domestic and international vendors.


About LaneAxis
Founded in 2015, LaneAxis is the first broker-less direct freight network built on blockchain that connects shippers directly to carriers. By removing the dependency on freight brokers, third-party logistics (3PLs), and load boards, shippers can save 20% or more on every load – while carriers can make an additional 20% or more on every load. This is the power of going direct. Trucking companies and shippers no longer have to rely on costly and cumbersome intermediaries to move loads. LaneAxis’ best-in-class software leverages load level, core data to predict and prevent problems before they occur. This includes real-time tracking up to four hours before pickup, accurate ETAs based on multiple data points, expected loading and unloading times at docks and much more.

About GTFO It’s Vegan
GTFO It’s Vegan (GTFO) is the industry’s leading online retailer, wholesaler and distributor of vegan and plant-based foods. GTFO currently ships frozen, refrigerated, and shelf stable vegan and plant-based products to every state of the U.S. and providence in Canada. GTFO is pioneering the "New Age Vegan" movement, appealing to individuals who may not be vegans today, but are seeking to eat and live better, without sacrificing the enjoyment of eating a great meal. With over 3,000 vegan and plant-based products to choose from, GTFO has become the go-to-destination for launching the newest innovations in vegan and plant-based foods from all around the world, including meat, seafood, cheese and dairy, bakery, snacks, and much more.