Nabati Foods, a plant-based food tech company offering whole, natural, plant-based foods for health-conscious consumers, has announced its dairy-free cheesecakes are now listed online with vegan e-commerce retailer, GTFO It’s Vegan.

GTFO It’s Vegan launched in May 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, and now offers more than 2,500 vegan products including plant-based meat, dairy, bread, beverages, prepared meals, and pet food. This now also includes Nabati Foods’ tiramisu cheesecake and chocolate cheesecake.

“Nabati Foods is excited to partner with a company like GTFO It’s Vegan, given our shared values and a shared commitment to plant-based foods that can improve the health of people and the planet,” Nabati Foods CEO Ahmad Yehya said.  “Nabati, like GTFO It’s Vegan, is also a family-founded company committed to environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility to empower consumers to live a healthier, fulfilling life. We look forward to introducing ourselves to and reaching more customers through its advanced digital platform.

Founded in Edmonton, Nabati Foods' products are kosher, vegan, and made without refined sugar or GMOs. Nabati Foods products are also available in more than 170 stores in the U.S.

Working with GTFO It’s Vegan will accelerate the success of Nabati’s eCommerce strategy and help to grow its online footprint.

“Nabati Foods is steadily building its market share and reach, through our distinct grocery, industrial and foodservice offerings,” Yehya said.  “This additional online exposure will help drive increased demand and interest in Nabati’s healthy, flavourful cheesecakes as the company expands across North America and looks towards entering the European market next year.”

About Nabati Foods Global Inc.

Nabati Foods Global Inc. is the owner of Nabati Foods Inc. (“Nabati”), a family-founded food tech company offering whole, natural, plant-based, gluten, and soy-free foods for health-conscious consumers. Nabati was founded in 2014 and has four signature product lines including dairy-free cheesecakes, cheese alternatives, and plant-based meats. Nabati products are distributed in Canada and the U.S. through grocery, foodservice, and industrial channels.