Egglife Foods, the food company that uses cage-free eggs instead of flour to reimagine carb-heavy foods, announces national distribution with Sprouts Farmers Market on the heels of Egglife's one-year anniversary.

As a leader in modern nutrition, Egglife Foods, is committed to harnessing the transformative power of eggs to reimagine traditionally carbohydrate and calorie laden foods. The company has developed a line of simple, delicious, fresh foods that are high in protein, but free of sugar, fat, and gluten. Delivering 100% when it comes to taste with zero compromise.

Their signature egglife egg white wraps, made by utilizing a patented method for transforming egg whites into a tortilla-style wrap, provide an alternative to flour wraps for consumers looking for low-carb, high protein alternatives to traditional tortillas. egglife wraps are The Perfect Wrap with superior taste, texture and nutrition. Clocking in with 99% fewer carbs, 80% fewer calories and 25% more protein versus the leading flour tortilla, each egglife wrap has 5g of protein, 30 calories or fewer, 1g carbs or fewer, and are gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free and soy-free. The wraps are available in four delicious flavors – Original, Italian style, Rye style and Southwest style.

Consumers are in search of clean and healthy ingredients in their purchased foods. For the betterment of the planet and themselves, this call has been answered by plant-based protein companies, alternative dairy brands, and Egglife Foods. Since launching in early 2020, Egglife Foods' egglife wraps are innovatively providing consumers a replacement for traditional flour wraps. Made with cage-free egg whites, the only other ingredients in egglife egg wraps are natural flavors and spices, nisin (a natural preservative) and xanthan gum (a natural thickener).

"We have been working towards this moment since our launch last year, and we cannot wait to share our product with consumers from coast to coast," says Egglife Foods Chief Executive Officer, David Kroll. "Very rarely can one product cater to a variety of nutritional lifestyles, but Egglife Foods has nailed it. We believe in our product and the positive change our wraps can make for not only people's diets, but their lives."

In parallel with the shift to cleaner and healthier ingredients, many consumers are altering their eating habits to fall in line with a variety of regimens and diets. According to the International Food Information Council, consumers are increasingly averse to carbohydrates and sugar with 16% of consumers following some type of low-carb diet.1 Egglife challenges the status-quo of low-carb tortillas with long ingredient lists and offers consumers a clean-label alternative they can be proud to consume. 

"As a retailer focused on bringing natural goodness to consumers from coast to coast, Sprouts Farmers Market has deep roots in promoting a health-forward and positive experience for all who walk through their doors," says Egglife Foods Chief Sales Officer, Ross Lipari. "Since the beginning, Sprouts has been a driving force progressing innovation in natural foods, paving the way for many new brands as they enter the marketplace. At Egglife we believe in eating clean and loving your food, and Sprouts' unique and wholesome environment completely aligns with our mission as a company."

"Each of our stores are thoughtfully curated with an assortment of better-for-you products," says Sprouts Director of Bakery, Mark Bramhall. "At Sprouts, we are motivated by a desire to inspire wellness, and do so by offering a selection of healthy options that cater to multiple lifestyles."

Sprouts Farmers Market will be offering Original egglife wraps in more than 350 stores nationwide, bringing the Egglife Foods' retail count to over 2,000 locations across the U.S. as of November.

Egglife Foods serves as a delicious answer to a growing demand, and consumers and retailers alike are taking note. egglife wraps were the #1 new product in dairy across many National, Regional & Independent Grocers. In a matter of nine months, the company has experienced 600% growth in the number of retail partners and over 740% growth in the number of retail locations. In tandem with the launch at Sprouts Farmers Market, Egglife Foods is thrilled to announce a retail partnership with Safeway® Mid-Atlantic and Safeway® Portland. Additional new retail partners include Piggly Wiggly® in the Midwest and Southeast; Festival Foods® and Sendik's in Wisconsin; Shaw's® and Star Market® in the North East; Cub Foods® and Coborn's in Minnesota; and Hornbacher's® and Hugo's Family Marketplace in North Dakota.

To meet the growing demand, Egglife recently completed a 32,000 square foot expansion to its manufacturing facility in Wolcott, Indiana and commissioned its first commercial production line that can produce 200 wraps per minute.

The Egglife Foods leadership team is comprised of seasoned consumer packaged goods executives led by Chief Executive Officer, David Kroll, who was appointed in the fall of 2019; Cynthia Waggoner, Chief Supply Chain Officer, who started with the company in January of 2019; Ross Lipari, Chief Sales Officer, who came on board in January of 2020; Andrea Schwenk, Vice President of Marketing, who joined Egglife Foods full-time in June of 2020; and Rebecca Lucas, Vice President of HR & External Affairs who started with the company in August of 2020. Kroll previously served as Chief Marketing Officer at MillerCoors. 

About Egglife Foods
Egglife Foods is an innovative food company that uses cage-free eggs instead of flour to reimagine carb-heavy foods. The company was created in 2017, motivated by a desire to eat healthier without sacrificing taste. Two years and over 2000 recipes later, Egglife Foods was born. Their debut product, egglife wraps, are made with egg whites and just a few simple ingredients to deliver superior taste, texture and nutrition. They are The Perfect Wrap™ for consumers looking for a low-carb, high protein alternative to traditional tortillas. The wraps are available in four flavors – Original, Italian style, Rye style and Southwest style – and are produced at Egglife's own facility, in Wolcott, Indiana. egglife wraps are available in the refrigerated section at over 2,000 locations across the U.S. as of November. The wraps are packaged six to a pack and retail for about $4.99 per pack.