Teton Waters Ranch launched of Teton Taste Buds, a product line that furthers the company’s dedication to providing nutrient-rich foods to support healthy eating habits for children of all ages. 

“Kids love the taste of these products and parents feel great about serving them because they are a more healthful, affordable and convenient solution to get kids to eat better. No sugar, no antibiotics, 50% less sodium and 38% less saturated fat than the conventional hot dog, powered with veggies and grass fed beef—all rolled into kid-favorite meals,” said Pam Smith, RDN, founder and president of Shaping America’s Plate.

With other kid-centric products surging in the market, Teton Waters Ranch sees the Taste Buds line as a huge opportunity to grow the category. It is also an opportunity for the company to stay true to their mission of combating childhood obesity by making products from highly nutritious grass fed beef and powered by veggies. 

 “In order to make positive change in the eating habits of this generation of school children, businesses need to play an active role, and Teton Waters Ranch is committed to doing just that. Kids love eating hot dogs, corn dogs, burgers and meatballs,” said Jeff Tripician, CEO of Grass Fed Foods, Teton’s parent company. “With Taste Buds on the menu, parents do not have to feel worried about allowing those choices in their kid’s diets. Taste Buds make mealtime fun and healthy. Teton Taste Buds is good for parents, their kids, the planet, and business.”



About Teton Waters Ranch
Teton Waters Ranch is dedicated to providing 100% grass-fed and finished beef products families can serve at every meal. Colorado-based Teton Waters Ranch has become the fastest growing brand in the category. Teton Waters Ranch is one of the only grass-fed and finished beef brand that is Certified Humane, and is committed to creating a better future from the ground up by being better for the planet, better for the animal and better for you.