With over a century as purveyors of premium beef—and more recently, fresh premium pork sausage—Schweid & Sons is breaking new ground in the protein category with the introduction of new Brazen Climate Friendly Ground Beef Burgers. Schweid & Sons has been selected as the exclusive purveyor of this first-of-its-kind climate friendly ground beef nationwide in partnership with Brazen Beef from Tyson Foods, Inc.

Brazen Beef was developed by Tyson Foods through its Tyson Foods’ Climate Smart Beef program, which combines tried-and-true rancher ingenuity with the latest data and technology. Backed by extensive research and third-party experts, the goal of Brazen is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from pasture to production through collaboration and implementation of more sustainable agricultural practices in our supply chain. To date, cattle enrolled in the program have demonstrated a 10% greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction as compared to the standard emissions for conventionally raised beef.

Sustainability has been an increasingly relevant factor impacting consumer selections at shelf, resulting in more consumers who are worried about climate change and therefore, seeking out eco-friendly brands. Brazen Beef provides retailers with a product solution that delivers great taste while aligning with eco-conscious consumers’ values.

“Discerning consumers continually choose Schweid & Sons because we consistently deliver fresh, premium ground beef made from only the highest quality cuts of beef,” said Jamie Schweid, president and CEO, Schweid & Sons. “What we know is that ground beef consumption has been on the rise, and based on 2022 figures from Nielsen IQ, it’s the most popular form of beef purchased by consumers. The Schweid name is synonymous with ‘The Very Best Burger’ and we are honored to continue that legacy by bringing great-tasting, climate friendly ground beef patties to our consumers. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with the Brazen Beef brand.”

The first climate friendly beef products from Schweid & Sons are its popular The Signature Blend, made from chuck and brisket, and The Butcher’s Blend, made with assorted cuts of premium beef. Both can be found in the refrigerated meat section of grocery aisles.


About Schweid & Sons
A family-owned business for four generations, Schweid & Sons’ history as purveyors of high-quality ground beef dates to the late 1800s. In 2022, the company entered the pork sausage category, positioning itself as a leader in premium protein. Schweid & Sons leverages its longstanding familial heritage, passion, and commitment to bring “The Very Best Burger” to consumers around the country. Located in Carlstadt, New Jersey, Schweid & Sons supplies its ground beef to supermarkets, restaurants, and special events nationwide Including the annual Burger Bash at the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival.