In honor of June Dairy Month, meet sisters Stephanie and Hayley Painter, the duo behind Painterland Sisters Organic Skyr Yogurt, which launched in 2022, to preserve, showcase and utilize their family’s fourth-generation organic dairy farm. The Icelandic-style organic yogurt is thicker and creamier. It is lactose-free, rich in probiotics, high in protein and contains 13 essential nutrients. Painterland Sisters skyr is made from organic whole milk and their five flavors are sweetened naturally using fruits and cane sugar. 

This spring, they expanded distribution to include Whole Foods Market, Natural Grocers, Sprouts Farmers Market, Giant Food stores and more. Currently found in over 1,500 locations in 45 states, Painterland Sisters has already sold over $1 million in skyr, and their sights are set on nationwide distribution. On this episode of From the Cold Corner, Stephanie and Hayley Painter join us to talk more about regenerative dairy farming and how their yogurt is made.